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Investigator Resources

Currently, there are three categories of imaging studies performed at the Center for Systems Imaging (CSI): (1) funded CSI core studies, (2) pilot studies and (3) technical development ("TD") studies.

CSI Policy on Pilot Studies

In order to foster innovation and develop new, funded research at the Emory CSI, the center leadership is committed to support pilot time on the scanners and in each of the core service lines. Up to 15% of available scanner time may be committed to pilot studies.

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CSI Policy on Technical Development Studies

Technical development studies are studies performed by CSI core faculty that are done explicitly to either:

  1. Develop, validate, or refine methodology for the express purpose of creating an imaging service or methodology that can then be applied to expand or enhance CSI core services,

  2. Test new hardware or software on a core device that will be implemented for use in funded CSI core studies. TD studies may involve simulations, tissue specimens, phantom models, or occasionally human or animal subjects. These studies would typically generate data that would not be specifically intended for use in research papers or as preliminary data for grant applications.

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CSI Policy on Access to Research Areas

All investigators and designees who access CSI research areas do so under the supervision of the CSI Program Directors and must have the consent of or be accompanied by a CSI core faculty or staff member.

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CSI Study Workflow


View the workflow here.

Post-Award and Pre-Scan Preparations

View the workflow here.

Conducting a Scan

View the workflow here.

Post-Scan: Manage Data

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Organization Chart

CSI Executive Committee, Protocol Planning Committee and Organization Chart: View here.

Resources for Inclusion in Grants

Here is a complete list and description of resources at CSI that may be downloaded and used in your grant.