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Computer Facilities

The computing facilitates of the PET center are housed in the Medical Imaging Research and Development Center which incorporates 600 sq. ft. of space in the basement of the Woodruff Memorial Building.  This center is funded by the Georgia Research Alliance.  The computers include the latest Sun, Silicone Graphics, and Hewlett Packard workstations, and several Macintosh and PC computers.  The entire system is networked to the PET facility in the hospital. Most of the development will be performed on PC workstations loaded with both IDL, Matlab, and C compilers.  Everyone named in this grant has such a computer on his or her desktop.   Images will be processed using the clinical computer systems.  CTCA processing computers include 3 GEAW  workstations loaded with CardIQ and a PC loaded with Vital Images “Vitrea 2”.  We process PET images using the Emory Cardiac Toolbox software, which may be loaded on any clinical system or on a separate workstation.