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Cyclotron and Radiochemistry

The Center for Systems Imaging (CSI) radiochemistry lab is directed by Dr. Mark Goodman and is located on the 2nd floor of the Wesley Woods Health Center. It houses a Siemens RDS 111 multiport, self-shielded, automated cyclotron producing a 11 MeV, 50 µA proton beam. The cyclotron is equipped with targets for the routine production of curie amounts of [18F]fluoride, [18F]fluorine, [11C]carbon dioxide, and [15O]oxygen.

The radiochemistry area is a 2,100 square foot cyclotron vault and laboratory which includes

  • four master slave manipulator arm-equipped hot cells
  • five mini-cells
  • one Siemens computer programmable two reaction vessel radiochemical processing unit
  • one GE TracerLab FXN unit
  • one semi-automated remote mini-syringe pump
  • two reaction vessel radiochemical processing units
  • one semi-automated remote mini-syringe pump fluorine-18 F2  radiochemical processing unit
  • one automated oxygen-15 water synthesis module
  • one GE PETtrace carbon-11 methyl iodide module
  • one clean room , hot and cold waste systems and ventilation chemical and radiation monitoring systems.

The radiochemistry laboratory is equipped with four pneumatic tube systems located in the four hot cells for rapid delivery of radiopharmaceuticals. It also has a variety of modern analytical instruments which include

  • one Carroll and Ramsey Associates eleven probe radiation detection system
  • one Waters Alliance radio-HPLC unit that is configured with UV/Vis and IN/US Radiometric detectors and one Waters  radio-HPLC unit that is configured with  UV/Vis and Bioscan Radiometric detectors
  • one Raytest radioactivity thin-layer chromatography system
  • two electrically activated rheodyne HPLC injectors
  • eight manual rheodyne HPLC injectors and 4 Waters' 515 HPLC pumps
  • one Bioscan hot cell radiometric detector
  • one Agilent 6890N radio-gas chromatograph  equipped with a thermal conductivity and flame ionization  detectors
  • one Oxford sodium iodide detector and well counter/multichannel analyzer
  • two Capintec 712M dose calibrators with four remote ionization chambers and four remote readouts and four Mettler electronic balances.

Here is a list of tracers we currently produce:



2-FDG (PETNET) Human C-11 HOMADAM (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Human
N-13 NH3 (PETNET) Human F-18 FECNT (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Human
C-11 PIB (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Human F-18 FACBC (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Human
C-11 Flumanezil (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Human F-18 FACPC (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Human
C-11 Raclopride (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Human F-18 FEmZIENT* (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal
O-15 Water (WW-CSI) Human F-18 FEpZIENT* (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal
O-15 Oxygen (WW-CSI) Human C-11 MENET* (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal
F-18 Fallypride (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal Cu-64 ligands (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal
F-18 WAY (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal
C-11 MDL (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal
C-11 WAY (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal
F-18 FMISO (WW-CSI & Yerkes#) Animal

eIND in progress for first in humans

#Yerkes only animals