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HRRT Scanner

The HRRT scanner (CTI, Knoxville, TN) is a very high resolution human brain scanner.  It consists of concentric rings of LSO and LYSO detectors to provide depth of interaction information.  Because of this, the resolution is 2mm and fairly isotropic throughout the field of view.  Data is collected in list mode and reconstructed in 3D on a 16-node dual processor computer cluster.  Attenuation scanning is performed very rapidly in singles mode with a 30 mCi 137Cs point source.  This scanner provides state-of-the-art imaging for neuro studies.

The HRRT scanner room is a 400 sq. ft. room with 20 feet of bench space and a sink.  The room is equipped with anesthesia gases and exhaust and a pneumatic tube system for delivery of doses from the cyclotron suite.  The pneumatic tube system terminates in a lead cave that contains a Capintec CRC-712M dose calibrator.  Stainless steel tubes from the cyclotron have been installed to deliver radiolabeled gases directly to the room from the cyclotron.  The room also contains two 4 cu. ft. lead caves for storage of phantoms and calibration sources. 

The HRRT scanner control room (110 sq. ft.) contains two computer workstations, hardcopy output devices, the computers for controlling the scanner, and the video monitor command center, and a wide range of peripherals to read and write tapes and optical disks.