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MicroPET/CT Preclinical Scanner

The Siemens Inveon microPET/CT is a lutetium oxyorthosilicate (LSO)–based preclinical PET scanner used primarily for small rodent imaging. The system is comprised of 64 detector blocks arranged in 4 contiguous rings, with a crystal ring diameter of 16.1 cm and an axial extent of 12.7 cm. The energy resolution is 14.6 %, sensitivity of 6.7%, scatter fraction of 8-17 % and spatial resolution of 1.8 mm FWHM.

The Inveon microCT Module is a high resolution 3D anatomic imaging system for laboratory animal studies.  The x-ray source is for high speed whole mouse or rat preclinical x-ray CT studies and other applications requiring resolution down to 30 microns.

This ultra-high speed implementation of a modified Feldkamp cone beam reconstruction algorithm exploits recent developments in microprocessor technology to provide reconstructed image volumes within seconds of scan completion.  The base reconstruction system uses two Xeon processors to generate 512 x 512 x 768 voxel image volumes in real time during a scan.  Larger volumes are quickly reconstructed in multiple passes.