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Brain Tumor Imaging and Pre-surgical brain mapping with fMRI

Author: Hui Mao, PhD

With the goals of translating our research to clinical applications and improving clinical practices, our research team is closely involved in brain tumor management and research in the brain tumor clinic at Emory University Healthcare as well as brain tumor research program at Emory Winship Cancer Institution.  Our functional MRI research has enabled pre-surgical functional mapping and planning for brain tumor surgery in the neuroradiology practices.   Our current research focuses include: 1) developing applications of NMR and MRS metabolomics methods for metabolite profiling and characterization of brain tumors, including the detection of oncometabolite marker, 2-HG, for detection of IDH1/2 mutations in brain tumor patients, 2) investigating the effect of brain tumor altered hemodynamic responses on analysis of BOLD fMRI data and developing an approach to address such issues to improve the accuracy of presurgical brain mapping with fMRI; and 3) investigating functional plasticity and brain development of pediatric brain tumor survivors, which is funded by American Cancer Society.  Using fMRI mapping for identifying surgical implant site for brain-computer-interface research is also a highlight of our research activities in this area.     

Fig 1

Comprehensive brain tumor imaging and MRI assisted treatment

Project Team

Hui Mao, PhD (PI), Liya Wang, MD, Dandan Chen (PhD), Anne Carroll (BS) and Ruya Zhao