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Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials for Imaging, Image-guided drug delivery and interventions

Author: Hui Mao, PhD

Our laboratory has over 8 years experience in developing magnetic nanoparticles for imaging and other biomedical application and was supported by NIH’s Center for Cancer Nanotechnology in Excellence (CCNE) from 2005-2010.  Currently, we are a member of NCI’s Cancer Nanotechnology Alliance and funded with a grant of Cancer Nanotechnology Platform Partnership (U01,  In this project, we are collaborating with Dr. Lily Yang’s laboratory at Department of Surgery and Emory Winship Cancer Institution to develop a magnetic nanoparticle platform for MRI guided drug delivery and treatment monitoring for improving the treatment of pancreatic cancer.   We are working on several key areas of development for advancing nanotechnology in medical applications, such as novel nanoparticle coating polymers for enhanced biomarker targeting and reduced non-specific uptakes, biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles with high magnetism and magnetization for stronger MRI contrast and cell separation and detection and multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles.  We have also developed dual modal nanoparticle probes for potential pre- and intra-operative sentinel lymph nodes mapping and determining the tumor margin for tumor resections.     

Fig 1

Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (IONP0 is a platform for MRI monitored biomarker targeted delivery of a variety of chemotherapeutic agents.  This research is carried out in the preclinical pancreatic cancer models.

Project Team

Hui Mao, PhD (PI), Jing Huang (PhD), Qiqi Yu (MS), Liya Wang, MD