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Cocaine Occupancy at DAT

Author: Jonathon A. Nye, PhD

The objective of this research is to investigate cell surface expressed dopamine transporter expression. We will measure DAT occupancy of cocaine using positron emission tomography (PET) and microdialysis to measure transporter density and neurotransmitter activity in a in vivo rat model. The methods developed here will provide a non-invasive in vivo technique for measuring changes in transporter levels in rodents using a repeated-measures design.

Figure 1

Methods: In vivo microdialysis will be used to monitor neurotransmitter and drug levels in brain. CMA11 guide cannulae will be implanted bilaterally to target the caudate nucleus of adult male rats.

Figure 2

Methods: PET studies will be performed on a Siemens microPET focus 220 scanner, which has a 26 cm transaxial field of view and an 8 cm axial field of view. The reconstructed resolution is 1.7 mm in all directions. The PET scanning will be performed using a dual injection protocol of [18F]FECNT to measure cell-surface DAT density.

Figure 3

Results: Maximum intensity projection image of [18F]FECNT uptake in normal rats.

Project Team

Jonathon A. Nye PhD, Heather L. Kimmel PhD, Leonard Howell PhD, Yoland Smith PhD, John Votaw PhD, Mark Goodman PhD, Jeff Stehouwer PhD, JiYoung Mun PhD, Ronald Voll PhD