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Physics and Computing (P&C)

Dr. John R. Votaw

Dr. John R. Votaw

Welcome to the Physics and Computing (P&C) group at CSI. P&C's mission is to produce the highest quality Nuclear Medicine images, perform kinetic modeling and quantitative interpretation of data from all modalities, provide clinical and research Nuclear Medicine imaging support for internal and external clients, and perform independent research in medical imaging.

Current research from the P&C group includes: providing routine quantitative clinical myocardial blood flow, using PET and MR methods to study the neuro pharmacology of drugs of abuse, developing methods to measure protein trafficking in vivo, improving methods for measuring and correcting for motion during PET scanning, developing systems for image guided biopsies (especially of the prostate), and evaluating SPECT compounds for efficacy in measuring folate and dopamine receptors.   

P&C also provides service to various clinical centers including Emory University Hospital, Emory University Hospital – midtown, and the VA Medical Center in Atlanta. Members of the group have been involved with starting up new PET/CT facilities at the VA and EUH - Midtown.  A goal is to provide state-of-the-art PET/CT scanning for radiation therapy planning through the use of respiratory gating. 

PAC Group Photo